Refer a Friend!

Every time you refer a friend, you BOTH receive $20 worth of kisses after your friend has place their first order.

Give your friend your referral link (which can be found by logging in to the my account page)
have them place their first order, and wait 1-2 hours for your referral bonus to appear in your points balance.

We do not grant the referral bonus until after the person being referred places an order.
We do this to verify the validity of the referral and discourage the creation of fraudulent accounts.

Our way of saying thanks!

Save more every time you purchase.

Earn 10 kisses (points) on every dollar spent. Earn 500 kisses just for signing up.
Earn 5000 kisses every time you refer a friend. (They get 5000 and the regular 500 sign up bonus!)

Redeem any amount of kisses on any purchase. Kisses expire 60 days from the date they were earned.

1250 kisses = $5

How do I earn/redeem kisses?

Kisses are automatically rewarded on every purchase.

See how much you'll earn before you add to cart:

View your cart to see how much you'll earn on your whole order and to redeem!

How do I know how many kisses I have?

Check the "My Account" page to see your balance at any time!