Moon Rock Canada – Rocket Fuel Vape Cart – OG Kush -1ml


Fine Quality Extracts

1 Gram Cartridge

80/20 Indica Sativa

Full Spectrum

Clean Ethanol Extraction

Plant Specific Terpenes

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Moonrock Rocket Fuel Cartridge is a high octane oil that uses a proprietary process to extract the highest grade of cannabinoids from the flower while removing all impurities.  It is a 80/20 Indica-Sativa full spectrum blend that has plant specific terpenes. You are sure to get a serious lift off with this Rocket Fuel.


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Super Lemon Haze Sauce (Sativa), Church OG (Hybrid), Pink Rockstar (Indica Hybrid), Super Silver Chemdog Haze (Sativa Hybrid), Red Diesel (Hybrid), Platinum GSC (Hybrid), Blue Gelato (Indica Hybrid), Romulan (Indica)