MK Ultra Moon Rocks | 1g


MK Ultra Moon Rocks are a wonderfully special Indica dominant extract sure to provide even the most advanced cannabis consumers with a powerful high! The effects of MK Ultra Moon Rocks are potently cerebral. These Moon Rocks have been crafted out of a delightful Indica dominant hybrid strain (OG Kush x G13) and will result in highs that are mindbending and sedating.

Best Use
MK Ultra Moon Rocks are a great extract to light up in the evening as the effects are Indica dominant. Upon first inhalation, users will immediately feel a hypnotic cerebral high. The high will simultaneously eradicate negativity and dissolve stress. As further inhalations are enjoyed, the body will become intensely relaxed and an urge to curl up on your bed or couch is inevitable. MK Ultra Moon Rocks are ideal for those suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, depression, insomnia and stress. Each inhalation of these Moon Rocks will be smooth and the high will last for a nice little while.

MK Ultra Moon Rocks are an interesting extract when it comes to both the flavour and the aroma. Upon first inhalation, the piney and earthy tones will be apparent. As further inhalations are taken, a flavour of sweetness and mustiness will become overarching.

MK Ultra Moon Rocks are a high strength marijuana extract. We recommend those new to cannabis to start slow and increase dosage accordingly.

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Distillate and kief coated buds ready to rock in any bubbler or bong

Indica Dominant Hybrid | 1g | Premium Moon Rocks



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