Microdose Mushrooms Neuro Focus (25 Capsules)


Each Bottle Contains 25 Capsules

Ingredients: (150 mg) Organic Psilocybe Cyanescens, 100 mg Alpha -GPC, 100 mg L-Tyrosine , 100 L-Theanine, and 50mg Guarana.

Effects: Effects: Energy, Focus, Mood Elevation, Creativity, Anti-Anxiety, and Anti-Depression.

Vegan , Gluten-Free , Soy-Free

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Indica strains are great for relaxation. They are ideal as mental and muscle relaxants, and for treating chronic pain, appetite loss and clinical depression. A lot of people use these strains in the night time as well to help with sleep.


Known for their euphoric, heady high, Sativas are great for depression, chronic pain,anti-anxiety, mood disorders, amnesia, ADHD and to provide an overall uplifting and energizing feeling bud  


Grown specifically as crosses between Sativa and Indica strains to bring out specific characteristics & cannabinoids, hybrid strains can have a vast range of effects, depending on which cannabinoids are more dominant.



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