High Tops Vape Cartridge – White Grape .5ml


Each cartridge contains .5ml of THC Distillate.

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The new and improved High Tops are pre-filled and flavour specific vape carts made using only the highest quality ingredients. These are the best value vaping items on the market at ~87% THC. These High Tops come in a variety of different flavours to satisfy all your taste buds. The full-spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes will have your nose tingling and your taste buds tingling. With a new and improved formula and upgraded cartridges, these High Tops contain no fillers, no PG, VG, PEG or MCT.

Best use
High Top vape cartridges offer users a high which will leave them soothed and relaxed, while also enticing them towards conversation. High Tops are versatile vape carts that can be used anytime and anywhere. They are discreet and if taken in small puffs can give users a nice, clean high. These are social, but strong and are used by some of our creative members as productive support.

The White Grape  vape cartridge provides speedy relief from anxiety, pain caused by swelling, arthritis, nausea, and much more. Medical information confirming the benefits of THC for day-to-day stress and pain relief is abundant. Cannabis aids with various illnesses and ailments, due to the active pharmacological components of the cannabis plant. These active components mimic the chemicals produced by the internal human chemical harm reduction system in the human body — The Endocannabinoid System.

White Grape is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the potent White Widow X Grape Stomper strains. With a THC level that hits about 29% on average and long-lasting effects, this bud is perfect for the experienced user who appreciates a powerful hybrid and well-balanced effects. The White Grape high starts with a cerebral effect that hits your mind with a hefty lift and a slight increase of energy. You’ll feel an influx of creativity and focus that is perfect for fueling any daytime activities. You may start to feel an increase in hunger at this point, leaving you with a hard-hitting case of the munchies. These effects make this bud absolutely perfect for treating a variety of conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, fatigue, loss of appetite or nausea, and depression. And if you love the effects, you’ll adore the flavor – White Grape has a sweet grape skunk taste with a mix of spicy herbs on each tasty exhale.


*You need a vape battery to use High Top Vape Carts. Please be aware carts are 510 threaded.