Classics – Chocolate and Vanilla Cookies HCFSE 100mg (50mg x 2)


Classics – Double Chocolate Cookies HCFSE (High Cannabanoid Full Spectrum Extract) 100mgs

2 Cookies per bag, 50 mg of Full Spectrum Extract in each full cookie.

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The creator of “Classics” are proud to bring a classic favorite with an infusion of the finest full spectrum extract the west coast has to offer.

Not only do you get an amazing head and body high, you also get the therapeutic benefits of over 80 compounds of the cannabis plant working together fora fully therapeutic effect. The extract has been carefully de-carboxylated to provide ful bio-availability of all the beneficial compound locked inside the cannabis plant.

Get your childhood favourite snacks, with 0 marajiuana flavoring, and the benefits of full spectrum extracts! These Classics bags each come with 2 cookies, at 50 mg in the full cookie. (Make sure to consume an entire cookie to recieve the full 50mg.)

What is Full Spectrum Extracts?

True “FSE” (full spectrum extract) is any extract that has the same terpene/cannabinoid spectrum profile (all molecules, not just THC:CBD ratio) as the starting plant material. … Depending upon strain the extraction will yield HTFSE (high terpene) or HCFSE (high cannabinoid) product.

Fullspectrum is the best natural option for people with chronic diseases who can’t access medical marijuana. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, daily consumption can lead to a reduction of inflammation and help in treating autoimmune illnesses, among other life altering help.



  1. vanesti (verified owner)

    I’ve picked these up a few times to be sure and would not recommend. I eat both at once and get almost nothing. Like the vaguest threshold high. 100mg should kick me in the brain. Also they are literally regular Oreos puled open with, supposedly, THC added to the cream. No way that is a full 50mg each.

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